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The birthday people 2016

hahaha, udah lama juga sih ya mbaknya, udah lama lewat ulangtaunnya hahaha,
so i thought, yeah, let me just write down my birthday note (2 months from the day),

first and foremost:
Halfway to 70 yo, i think this year is the most life-altering by far. Terimakasih Allah atas segala berkah.

Life-altering by far
At the end of 2016, i did say it was the most life-altering by far. Ternyata Allah sayang luar biasa,
sama gue & keluarga gue. This is INDEED the most life-altering.
So many things changing, so many adjustment in various magnitude and size. But then here we are,
looking at the sunset of 2017. Standing stronger.

Happiness is self made, it always is
i'm a firm believer of a self-made happy bubble. if you ever feel so unhappy,
do check your own self, is it you? or is there's one person that's so annoying you wanna kick em?
or is it your envy to other people?
whatever it is, gue percaya bahwa: kita tuh gak bisa atur atur orang lain.
kalo pingin ngatur orang lain …