Kinan: 7-month-old

Dear kinan,

Am sorry i dont always remember your monthly-versary, i dont always take your "first-of-everything" pictures

I dont even proceed your vaccine on the dot, i always missed one or two weeks

But you gotta know this

I'm so damn proud of you (as i likely will be for the rest of our lives).
You did good on baby food, and you dont poo on diapers anymore.
What an achievement!

You also need to know that i'll still be so damn proud even when you cry your lungs out just to get our attention, because you wish to get off the carseat.

Sorry baby, i gotta do some mommy stuff before i regret it later on

And guess what,
This month i got a picture of you, standing on your own! Bliss.
Not long after standing on your own, you'll walk and i'll be chasing you around
When that happen, i'll be salonpas' besties all over again
It's okay... We call it motherhood and i'm glad to be part of it

So, i pray,
I pray for you as always
I pray that this very moment will be the perfect beginning for your feet to eventually take you wherever you want to go
To keep you staying on the ground when your head is high
To get you on the run, pursuing dreams
And i pray, that your feet will also take you home to me whenever you need

I love you


astried&benget said…
Kinaaann, cantik bgt :*
*eh ini bukan pujian basa/i ala ibu2 di blogsphere lho yaa... hahahaha :))
risti hendradi said…
Aaah mami acid, idungku langsung kembang kempiiis... Kecup sayang dari kinanponi

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