More balanced life 2015

duileee, mbaknyaaa males amat posting blog sik hahaha.
happy new year beautiful people!!!
ngga muluk muluk lah doa untuk 2015 nya, mudah mudahan bayar uang pangkal 2 anak lancar,
semuanya sehat sehat aja, bisa bikin orangtua lebih hepi, sama revenue naik 2x lipat ahak.

terus ngapain ni 2015. well, for me, this year-particularly this month, is the 10th working anniv,
yeaaa, who would count this kinda thing ya. hahaha, well i do.
gue juga ga inget, kapan gue switch jadi orang yang sangat karir-minded gini,
but having experienced this and that on my working-life hemisphere got me thinking.
udah 10 tahun kerja di bidang yang sama, sekarang gue udah jago ngapain?
alhamdulilah i earn a decent income doing things i like, with people i like.
and then what?

wuidiii, gahar bangettt pertanyaannya. sampe sempet galau kemaren hahaha.
langsung aja ajak ketemuan temen-temen baik gue, and i found the answer!
people like me, we should stop thinking "what's next." i need to gently hit the brake.
balik lagi bersyukur, dan bersyukur. bahwa sampe hari ini, gue masih diberkahi karir.
Apalagi kantornya cuma sekoprol distance dari rumah.
udah... gausah mikir mikir nantinya gimana, including worrying too much. let's just embrace it.
just embrace it, living it lively day by day carpe-diem style, bless for it. yakannn...
and for the cherry on top, i found an interesting article, most important things in life i should master,
BEFORE ENTERING YOUR 30s hahaha, akusi masih 5 taun lagi dududu, no seriously,
i can still relate closely to this tho, biar lebih lebih balance aja idupnyahhh, here they are.

1. saving money for retirement.
this is obviously erw's jurisdiction hahaha, he's the one arranging how much we should put out,
for both of us when we grow old and grey, kalo saya mah ada lebihan dikit biasanya beli lipenstip!
makanya Allah jodohin gue sama erw kaliya, dalam hal saving men-saving aja kita compatible.

having a business is my version of retirement saving sebenernya hahaha, lebih hidup aja,
dibanding hanya nabung-nabungin doang, atau beli emas gitu, pasif banget kayanya.
punya sustainable bisnis sepertinya bisa membuat hidup gue lebih seru di hari tua gue.
makanya skarang lagi coba coba juga melirik kemungkinan bisnis kedua,
but again, i'll take this slow lah. kalo punya niat baik, insya Allah dibantu yakannn.

2. take care of my health
true, very true. hahaha, enough said lah ya, faktur U yang tiyada pernah dusta,
seringnya gue masup angin kalo begadang hrrr...

3. don't spend time with people who don't treat you well
as long as i remember, i am rarely treated badly atau gue suka lemottt,
TREATED BADLY TAPI GAK SADAR hahaha... i think this is why.
stranger does tho... kadang kadang kalo misalnya lagi antri terus disalip gitu,
yang ada gue cuma mengelus dada, sabarrr yang waras ngalahhh.

but really, i've seen people treated badly, but they linger on spending time with the bully,
and i do think those nice people deserve more. yagaksih???
i managed to try this thing to one of my closest friend, she was dumped over nothing,
to stop feeling sorry and worthless, that he doesn't deserve her and that she deserves more.
those things, ye know. we only live once, let's spend it with people you treats you well. yes?

4. be good to the people you care about
friends i almost took for granted? yeppp, i turned my back once... life gets busy etc etc etc,
i don't make time for them, until one day, i choked, turn for help and there they are.
setelah kejadian itu, gue tau, i need to nurture my friendship, tapiii,
karna tenaga dan waktu juga terbatas, it's an exclusive kinda thingy, my inner circle,
ya kali gitu, gue cater all my hundreds facebook friends hahaha.

5. focus on doing few things really well-you can't have it all
THIS!!! kadang kadang gue masih pengen lakuin banyak hal ini itu ini itu,
i used to think i can do it all, karna by nature nya go-getter kali, but mind changes,
towards the end of my school days, i am a more realistic being,
and i apologize myself not to able to that much multitasking on my days,
i stopped being too utopic. and i have to tell you, it's so liberating, it soothe my soul a lot.
that one word: you can't have it all. is magical

6. continue grow and develop yourself
do new stuff, try new things! you're never too old for this

7. invest on your family, it's worth it
of course, karna gue anaknya sangat sebab-akibat, i pay huge deal to family,
taking care of parents now, so my child see real-life example and in turn, they will take care of me.
se sederhana itusih hahaha, memang agak pamrih, but i think that's the way things work.
when you do something good, you want it to last long for generations, and it is passed away.
and the best lead is to lead by example. betuls?

8. be kind to yourself, respect yourself.
since i realised how far my mind can take me, i start giving rewards to myself,
perhatian: ini bukan pembenaran atas lipenstip yang baru saya beli kemarin. sekian.
because i deserve it. i've worked hard, and i deserve to treat myself.
let it be as small as good coffee rub burger at goods dept, a matcha latte at 711, wall's magnum,
or having pizza lunch with the kids after school, or back rub and hugs from the loved ones,
let it be something  like face mask, quick coffee time with your pal between schedule,
it's really rewarding, it's like a breeze of fresh air. it's cool.

this is why people, like you and me, yang udah capek kerja, udah capek ngurusin rumah,
anter jemput anak, or combining everything, multitask your whole day through,
you deserve some kindness from yourself. love yourself, he or she has been working hard,
make a living, keeping a house a home,

full link:

have a happy heart, people :)


Huwee. Makasih Mba Risti. Seneng baca blog ini. Nulis buku ga mba gimana liku-liku membangun bisnisnya selama 10 tahun ini?
risti said…
Haaa nulis bukuuu hahaha. Buku catatan belanja aja aku ndak gableggg hahaha

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