Random whys #56

Been watching youtube lately, on my spare time, 
Stalking celebrities interviews hahaha, chris evans captain america mostly hahaha aku seperti gadis remaja stalking idola. Norak hahaha.

Then i come to this.
Some people who really did good job, like making good movies etc, tend to be so private when it comes to the media.
The media is strictly for publishing the work they've done, their future plan, 
Sometimes a little about their adorable little family. And thats that...
Bahkan nggamau bilang, are they on or off the market.

Meanwhile in indonesia...
We get to see a girl is grinning proudly, that she is taken, being a man's second wife.
And flashing out the wealth. Which we all consciously know, duit segitu banyak ga mungkin didapet dari kerja keras dalam beberapa bulan saja.
And the work she did?
Not so much... Oh wait... Not at all, nop... The work isnt there. nihil mennn.

I had to change the tv channel into some crappy infotainment sh*t?
I should stick to youtube and continue stalking captain america.

Have a happy day, people. Do not watch infotainment. It bleeds your brain out


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