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Ini review agak basi sebenernya hahaha,
one of my biggest goal 2016 is to read more books,
pages by pages, without going to wiki to found out whether this is happy ending or not.
old habit dies hard!!! anaknya terlalu kefooo & insecure, pingin nya semua predictable.
LALU dalam rangka membudayakan membaca, serta membacakan budaya,
lets do a book review!!!

i honestly think the best of every stories are when they are related closely to you,
happy stories or not, when you can relate well, it will be memorable to you.
dulu gue senengnya kisah kisah cinta hihihi, romansa romansa an lah, uuu lalaaa...
skarang, agak males baca yang terlalu cinta gitu, knowing the bitter-hard-truth,
after fall in love and be with the one, still one has to maintain the relathionship tohhh!
so love stories are meh for me.

along with fine-wine-aging process, i feel a little switch on my preference.
skarang selain buku buku parenting yang breakthru gue seneng general stories aja,
tanpa background perang, atau masa masa sulit. aku ndak suki bangettt background sengsara.
karna idup tu udah sulit, ngapain sih baca yang sulit sulit juga? hahaha.

atau tentang entrepreneuship! tapi itupun aku anaknya picky banget sis *eyes rolled*
Males kalo cuma blabla management theories sayin blabla.
I got it all at school which leaves scars to my wonderful-young-happy-non sleep deprived days.
This particular book was a no for a long time, karna: ah, males lah...
biasanya tokoh yang bikin ini terlalu self centered, dan hanya ceritain manis nya doang.
altho she looks really pretty ya.

pict courtesy of Google

Then i really need a little light.
Because i foresee things start to shift a little bit,
things got shakey and they dont fall into places anymore.
Before it falls apart into pieces, i wanna dodge it.
I googled for the right book, found her and i found similarities.
sok sama bangettt sama sis sofia ini sayah hahaha.

We never excel academically,
we dont come with silver spoon in our mouths so we had to earn,
and we felt that our logic consideration and street-smart wisdom,
are actually saving our asses most of the time.
we got scared on our first step, but then we moved on and just go.
part insanity-part courage.

satu lagi yang bikin gue hoooked up sama buku ini:
the quote on p22 : The first thing i did was buy a book: starting an eBay Business for Dummies

Hellyeah! Starting up back in 2012, I bought 2: business management and finance.
Because all of us were once dummies, no?
Cheers to that! Hellyeah dummies!!!
If you're looking a way from dummies to yummies, maybe this is good for you.
this gal has succeeded keeping the fire burning, and you can do it too!

Lastly, i love it that she brought this in that filthy trucker language,
a Jupiter miles away from academic language.
orang yang mbaca berasa kaya baca chatting an temen lama,
who just drop by and give you some gold advices.

Not only giving me extra mile on my point of view, she enlightens my heart huge time.
bahwa semua orang juga ngalamin ini, semua orang sukses tu juga berjuang keras,
abis itu nonton documentary elon musk, yang ampir bangkrut tapi gak jadi-tapi tetep ganteng.
my fire lit bigger, this is an extra oomph i really need to boost me up.


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