Random happiness #11

today, unfortunately i woke up to an excruciating diarrhea.
the courtesy of keripik pedas maicih the night before.
PLUS the menstrual cramp & dizziness.
AND body is down with mild flu & cough.
great. just great.
but doesn't turn out so ugly, when mr hendradi came home early from the office's med check.
so he can spare some time with the kids while i was curling up in bed.

i skipped the office,
and do some work between going back and forth to the toilet.
then found out that arka was napping without his disposable diaper.
and woke up dry.
means... he did not pee while napping.
although his weewee was hard as brick when i took him peeing on the toilet.
cute little man.

finally got our plans come to life, renovating the house.
yeayyy! can't wait for new small decorating stuff around the house.

mr hendradi has been a super dad, taking his girl to the doctor.
it has been my task all this time,
and surprisingly he accomplished the mission.

school will be off on national holiday.
clearly means i can visit bandung on the next holiday.
missing it badly.

got my old t shirts out the closet and start wearing them with cardigans.
the style turns me into a college girl which i am.
well, i mean younger college girl, the high school graduate one.
and extremely happy when my classmate were like:
what? you have 2 kids?
i though you just graduate bachelor.

by the time that fragrant words whisper in my ears,
i had a strange urge of doing capt picard's pose.
i didn't do it btw. will be so awkward if i was not talking to fellow 9gagger.
yeahhh. 9gag OD. still.


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