random happiness #01

the other day was one of the heaviest in my working life

that morning, we supposed to present a crucial material to the client
and it was wrecked over simple silly stupid mistakes by our partner
there's nothing i could particularly do about it
so i had a very pissed off client, who tried to keep smiling when i tried to throw some water to the flame

excellence is my middle name when it comes to work
it has been a religion, as far as i'm in client servicing business
and it kills me to see the whole reputation went down
flushed to the toilet, over a silly mistake
as if i could literally kill someone when i walked out the meeting room

to worsen the day, the traffic was cccrrrraaazy
i didn't get the chance to get back to the office after the morning meeting
i went straight to the dinner meeting with a group of people
who i don't really like to hang out with
the food sucked the waiter frowned the place was really smelly and humid
my tummy acted up soon after breakfasting
it was 10 pm when i arrived home
i was literally in the cab the whole day and got a major carsickness

reviewing what i've wrote about keeping everything positive
that keeps away the series of unfortunate events
that night, i didn't hijacked any food delivery motorcycle crew
i sat down and think about how hard that day has been
about what could i've done wrong to deserve this

and came to the conclusion
ah lagi cobaan bulan puasa aja kali
i gotta be strong, no?
why should i feel so bad when i still got a home to come home to
and someone to say goodnight to
i had my night prayer to ease the mind
i kissed the sleeping babies, took long paused silent sigh and sleep

the next day, to my suprise
i got a little hint of positive vibes around me
the vibes that ran up and down my backbone
adding some extra watt to the energy

sahur meal was fun with my husband
kids were arrange-able
had great discussion with office mates
joined my boy playing in the office yard
i also went to see transformer 3 with my babygirls
then came home to a good movie, i got glued to the coutch
watched a romantic comedy, a thriller about stepfather
burst in tears in i am sam, reviewing fashion with sex and the city series
had my sahur meal and laughing hard with drew carrey

the ultimate random happiness that paid it all
took time in the morning
we were in the car on the way to work
i took both kids
arka was sitting next to me with the booster seat

arka: eh ada apa itu? ada anjing tu mamah *pointing at a sitting dog*
me: oh iya... lagi apa ya anjingnya ya, mas?
arka: lagi menum
me: apa? lagi minum?
arka: menenum (when talking to us, he always emphasize the wrongly interpreted word)
me: errr... apa ya? minum ya? anjingnya lagi minum ya?
arka: tenenum
me: termenung? (surprising how he can get such complicated word)
lulu: iya bu, termenung, itu di buku ada gambar anjing lagi diem, saya pernah bacain anjingnya lagi termenung

life always find a way to balance everything, yes?


tinox said…
gua ngakak kaya kuntilanak baca aka coba ngomong 'termenung'..

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