10 things i hate about you

kemarin lusa malem nonton film ini.
One of the coolest from 1999.
Yang mana heath ledger cakeppp.
With a perfect character to fall in love with.
Akukan masih SMA, nonton dawson creek aja bisa galau loh hahaha.

So i didnt end up with heath ledger.
Yea, thank god.

and dear erwin,
Even if you would never perform a love song with full marching band on the background.
yang mana menurut gue itu romantis kacangbuncis benerrr.
I'd love to present you a sonnet.

10 things i hate about you
I hate that you always shower before bed.
It makes me feel guilty when i don't shower. 
I know it's not a competition, tapi rasanya kalah 1-0 aja gitu kalo aku ngga mandi. me-ehhh.

I hate all the solutions and options you throw at me when i start yappin and sighing about work, life and everything in between.
sometimes, a girl just have to barf out all the thoughts in her mind. lagian kan gue banci curhat gituhhh. all i need is your ears, dude.

I hate that you always sabotage the tv when top gear is on.
and for 60 minutes, the tv show becomes #1 most important thing on your whole universe
i. do not. exist. pffft...

I hate the times i spent sleeping alone when you're out on business trips.
obviously, because no one's there to present me the before sleeping-back rub.

I hate your obsession on zombie movies. particularly when you imitate their limping walk & choked voices.
freaks me out. ishhh!!!

Hate your "yes-good-ok" answers to all the dishes am offering to cook and on the result. oh! and your flat expression when eating the dish.
yes i know, another tumis day... kalo ngga enak boleh bilang ajasih, yang
walopun aku belum tentu rela ya dibilang masakannya ngga enak *acungkan sutil panas*

I hate your desire to own 2 or 3 copies of the same object.
AND your reason "ini kan buat cadangan kalo yang lama udah rusak"
like the the 3 pair of adidas' jaw paw and 2 similar columbus backpacks you already own (and that you're planning to own another backpack - aku pingsan)

Hate to always miss your gigantic armpits.
coming home to your arms has always been my heaven.

I hate your effort on peeking at this post on progress.
bwekkk bwekkk bwekkk...

I hate the unstopabble giggles, everytime i recall this picture of you, being medusa.


Pi said…
Funny post dear... Like it!
risti said…
pita!!! hihihi, aaaah tersanjung 38 deh akuuu :*

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