The cake-less birthday

last monday was actually the best time to shout:
happy birthday kinan!
hahaha, tapi apa daya... meeting held me up all day,
i've planned everything, so we can have a candle blowing moment,
a 10 minutes show i could steal for my family,
dimana? di kampus. right before the class started.
with the birthday girl, with 4 of us singing happy birthday.
with all the things running that day, that's my best offer.

deep in my heart, sedih ya.
anaknya ulangtaun, i didn't even have the chance to buy her a cake.
tsk. BUT,
kita emang udah commit untuk gak terlalu membesar-besarkan ulang tahun,
in the sense that no regular parties, or goodie bags, or else.
i tried not to feel terlalu gimana gimana, knowing i didn't prepare any cake.
at the end, erw asked me to skipped class, just to hung around at home.
oh i swear it was so relaxing!!!
just to watch my two kids giggling around before bed.

just as me and erw arrived at mom's, we set the candle,
sing the happy birthday song, and have the girl blow the candle.
the cake? sadly, there wasn't any.
but kinan's pretty happy blowing the candle, over and over again.

happy birthday sugar,
everything has been wonderful, brighter, shinier, happier since you were here.
now you're talking non stop, asking a lot, a lot and a lot of questions,
still, you. will always be one of the best thing that happens to us,
it's been a pleasure to be your host, let's explore, let's get to know the world a little more.


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