the name's bond, james bond

erw and i and my my sister and my brother in law,
are huge fan of agent 007.
pertamanya sih gue cuma ngikutin yang lagi tayang di bioskop aja,
waktu itu jamannya pierce brosnan.
tapi gue gak ngerti kenapa sohib gue,
Yang mana ahirnya menjadi ipar gue seneng beli DVD lama serial bond ini.
ternyata emang cerita nya seru seru walopun kalo nonton sekarang,
penjahat jaman dulunya kayanya kok cupu bener. hihihi
eh film film lama nya, tayang di tv... candu deh.

tetep ajasih buat gue the bond is mr brosnan,
elegantly slim, witty, charming, in suit, dan jagoan.
the second best is tied between sean connery and daniel craig.
perawakannya lebih keker daripada brosnan.
terus kalo udah nonton 1 film, kayanya tu sayang kalo ngga nonton film selanjutnya.
emang dasar programmer tv juga pinter,
sering banget diputer maraton bond.
yang ada gue & erw being two couch potatoes.
ngejogrok aja depan tivi seharian nonton film bond.

what i love the most of course is the imagery,
and the fact that he's in suite. i adore... i mean ADORE man in suit.
with that kinda look, that kinda attitude, yah makkk...
kalo beneran ada di kehidupan nyata sepertinya too good to be true,
or he's probably gay.
masih pusing karna matt bomer ternyata a married gay guy with 3 kids.

then i found an AHA moment, stumbled into this link over twitter:

10 ways science explains why James Bond is so irresistible to women

artikelnya menarik bangettt... and most of the points are actually true,
in bond's case...
sepertinya rata rata perempuan ya seneng nya sama yang tipe tipe gitu.
well this is actually a bond way of how-to-be-a-magnet-to-the-opposite-sex,
although to complete all the list seems to be not do-able by us, mortals,
ya karena sebenernya dia cuma ada dikepala mr flemming ye,

i do think some of the moves are actually working for us normal people,
who looks neither like rosie huntington-whiteley nor mila kunis,
speaking of ms kunis by the way, 
my sister once acclaimed her uber coolnes, by saying that she looks exactly like mila.
tapi jadinya mila KUMIS! ngoahahahaha... 
oh she and her moustache, toyor virtual jarak jakarta-dubai.

ok, so here's the first one.
Bond is supremely confident. This makes him sexy.
hrrr hrrr hrrr hrrr rrr rrr rrr rrr... confident level!
i'd boldly say confidence is more attractive than red lips and hairdresser' updo.
one way to boost the confident is as easy as straightening your backbone.
this, my friend, gives me extra boost to the shoulder-the breast-the hips, 
and eventually the thighs and the legs. 
not to mention that sky high heels on your feet, you're so ready to conquer.
it was written that Bond never slouches. 
Good posture increases confidence, feelings of power and makes you physically tougher.
coba aja, mau dipanggil bos, terus tegakkin badan, naikin dagu, and walk on bravely,
you'll get what i mean.

007 is almost always calm, even when people are trying to kill him he's calm
and he doesn't move unnecessarily, no slouching, no fidgeting,
petakilan is apparently a big no no.
that's why i never find myself attractive on my juvenile years.
karna most likely gue petakilan makkk... 
makanya kayanya, to my opposite sex, i was rather repellent than irresistible.

Bond is by no means a comedian but he knows the power of a well-timed one liner. 
katanya juga, humor is the sign of intelligence. 
this one, i agree.
tapi being funny sama trying hard to be funny beda ye...
some people are just gifted with good sense of humor without even trying, 
and happens to fit themselves in the right time. 
good sense of humor is a treasure.
once, in before erw era (BEE), i went out with this guy,
we had good times and good laugher that he said this exact line: kamu lucu deh.
KAMU?! He said kamu instead of elo?
Kalo dulu perbedaan ini penting banget loh, ohohohokkk...
i was shocked and embarrassed at the same time, yang keluar dari mulut gue adalah:
ya ngga selucu itu kali, kalo gue lucu banget mah gue gabung aja ama srimulat.
then he laughed. but we didn't make it as a couple-hahaha-yanaseppp.

to sum things up,
if you haven't found the one you're looking for,
these points might just to the trick.
and if you have found the one to be with for the rest of your lives,
here's the new bond movie trailer to anticipate.


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