Welcome to the quarter life

my sister.
she hit 24 yesterday, and was worried if she caught the symptom of quarter life crisis.
when she blabs and yapps about the crisis, i actually didn't know what to say.
other than to convinced her that she's doing fine with her life,
because my life was a lot miserable when i was 24.
my whole world was my career, love stories came once in a blue moon.
yet flings came and go. at first, of course it was exciting.
but later on, it was boring & tiring.
i decided that i need a man of my own, but no one was there.
career became dull, days went in meaningless circle, it was a blah time of my life.

looking at the greener lawn of someone else's life, in this case, the birthday girl's.
of course i was green of envy.
firstly: she's happily married. has 2 arms to come home to.
living abroad just like i always dreamed about.
yes she gave up her career in jakarta, but so what?
doesn't finding a career always been easier than finding a guy to be married to?
all the single ladies, say YEAHHH!!!

so i came to a thinking: everybody was there on the quarter life,
guess it was the exact dot on the timeline,
when everybody started to have some contemplative moments about life,
how they do in life, what are the achievements, where to go next after this,
you know, those grown up stuff that grown ups do...

on that exact dot, one would realize,
how far they've gone from their sweet sixteen.
some has been flown to the moon and back,
some stays the same as if high school was never over.
the dot opens some minds about how much time they've wasted.
started feeling sorry as they know they could've achieved more.
then some people bounced, fixin stuff in their lives, and rocket.
while other falls into depression, clueless and decided to just whimper.

if one's kinda disappointed about what they have in hands,
i wouldn't blame them.
other lives always have this inexplicable attraction to our eyes,
especially to my eyes! akukan gampang iri anaknyahhh fffuuu...
but hell... different lives, different shi* for sure.

like looking at my neighbor's new car,
oh hell yeah we can buy that thing!
selain iri-an, aku anaknya juga kompetitip, hahaha...
but na-aaa... we got some other stuff waiting on the line.
we don't need a new car, just yet.
oh my ego is screaming while typing this.

so i learnt to look in the mirror and self-chant.
i too, have a pretty decent life - i too, can do better than this,
so i won't just complain and sit along all day wiping my teary eyes,
if i want this to be better, i'd put up my best effort and pray.

then again, in reality, it was the same as our previous birthdays doesn't it?
why should mid twenties be different?
wouldn't it be a lot better if we have an annual review of our lives?

so, my dearest best friend,
YOU, are a lot stronger than you ever could imagine.
and how can i be so sure about this?
i was there raising you, with mamah & papah.
they're the patron of what's right and wrong,
and i was the patron of what's cool and what's not - on the 90s.

and i do believe we did a good job,
raising this one girl, into a beautiful, strong minded young lady.
oh efff, my tears fell down-my eyeliner will be a mess.

happy birthday love, let's embrace life even more,
go bold or bald - i don't care,
go ride the crazy life at the back you know, like cowboy's bull ride,
go crazy, have kids, open a bakery, cherish life.
am an inch far from typing yol* ngahaha...

i love you.
ps: some cool hairdo pic from pinterest, for your present.


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